Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dangers of Gum Disease

Do you know the dangers of gum disease? Find out the top 6 risk factors in this blog post.

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The Shocking History of Dental Implants

Ever wondered about the history of dental implants? Travel back in time with this month's blog post!

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Do I Need a Gingivectomy?

Bleeding gums are a sign you may need gum disease treatment. Learn more about a gingivectomy here.

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How Well Do You Know Oral Health?

How much do you know about your oral health? Test your smile IQ with our quiz!

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The Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

The early stage of gum disease, called gingivitis, can be reversed with proper treatment. Find out what it is in this blog!

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The Three Main Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Are you ready to improve your smile? Learn how a simple crown lengthening procedure can help fix a gummy smile!

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The Relationship Between Osteoporosis and Gum Disease

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Find out the relationship between osteoporosis and gum disease in this blog post from Dr. Finley.

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Dental Hygiene Awareness Month: Protecting Overall Wellness with Dental Care

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October is Dental Hygiene Awareness Month and the perfect time to learn about how to protect your overall health with dental care.

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Five Things You Should Know About LANAP®

What are the benefits of LANAP for gum disease treatment? Learn more about this innovative solution, here.

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Why Bone Grafts Are Important to You

What is a bone graft? Who needs one? And what are the benefits? Find the answers to these bone grafting questions and more in our blog.

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